Music for Healing and Ceremony.

Sonic ritual, crafted with you to create the perfect mood for your most magical moments.

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When you need music to be magic.

There are times when you need music to be more than entertainment. You need it to be a balm for the soul, a sacred container for a special moment, a chalice of strength during transformation, a healing well during grief. You need space to relax, reset, reconnect, redefine, and re-emerge. During these times, you want more than musicians, but also priestesses who understand that life's deepest moments are worthy of ritual, and can hold that space with you.

For times like these, we offer Women of the Well.

Who we are.

Women of the Well are dear friends with a lifetime of music and healing arts steeped into their souls. Their work together is an act of service to humanity; priestess craft delivered through the art of music, ritual and vision. The original compositions and sacred improvisations of Women of the Well feature swirling violin, mandolin, vocal incantation, percussion and invocation. Their offering is the creation of sacred space where together we custom-craft ritual to meet the needs of the moment through song, soundscape, special ceremony, rites of passage, healing ritual and celebration. Women of the Well invite you to dive deep into the well of rejuvenation and draw up healing, vitality and hope for ourselves and for all Life.

Alison Balano

Alison is a musician and educator who has been making music all her life. She is a creator and performer, specializing in songwriting and instrumentals featuring her soulful violin. She is an award winning educator who has been teaching the students of Oakland Public Schools for over twenty five years. She also teaches tools for navigating inner life through the platform, “Quiet Room Studio.”
Alison comes to Women of the Well with the heartfelt intention of lifting the spirits of the world with music.


Sharon Knight

Sharon is a vocalist, mandolin and guitar player, and percussionist. She has worked as a professional musician and sound designer for over a decade, and as a massage therapist for a decade prior, incorporating acutonics sound healing into her massages. She is a true believer in the power of singing to soothe the soul, Sharon is fascinated by the intersection of art, music, and magic, and teaches a variety of classes and workshops rooted in these themes. She is also the founder of Regenerative Arts Alliance.

Praise for Women of the Well.

"I am so very grateful to Alison for helping me heal and get well, both spiritually and emotionally."

- Eric S, client

"I took the Well of Song workshops with Sharon and they were fantastic! She is an amazing facilitator with a depth of knowledge that is truly wonderful. "

- Jenny L, participant

"Alison and Sharon are amazing, magical, talented women."

- Paul N, participant




Host an interactive house concert! We'll sit in circle together and Alison and Sharon will play music that invites you to relax, move, and sing! Participation is encouraged, but sitting and listening is also fine.



A more focused and intimate event based on the theme of your ceremony. We will custom craft this with you to ensure you get the perfect energetic flow to match your intention.



Hire us for your retreat and we will develop a workshop-concert combo in keeping with your retreat's theme.

Let's talk about your event!

We are here to design and facilitate the perfect musical accompaniment for the most meaningful moments of your life.

If you are interested in exploring what we can do together, please tell us about your special occasion, and we will contact you shortly.